Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Night To Rise

Night To Rise

By Shaire Blythe
Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Air of pure
Let me in
I just wanna breathe
Let me see you

 Need to know it's real
The moment
Don't let me run away
Be on me
Make me face what we can't escape

The glass is breaking
What's right isn't wrong
There's no erasing
Just carry us on
Till we fail tests
But we won't
No, never

 You do care
Let me in
I just need you
Let me near you
For life

 Could you be still
For tonight
I won't let you get away
I'm on to you
You can't escape

 We'll hold on tight
Hold us close
Cause there's promise in the way
We've laid next to each other
Looked in the eyes
And said goodnight
To wake up to sunrise

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Love Rhythm

Love Rhythm

By Shaire Blythe
Tuesday, October 17, 2017

We're so close to exploding
Losing control, man
I have been waiting
Testing my patience

Sweet, sweet irony
You're who I see
But lets not let irony
Push you away from me

 And we go
Where we wanna
Cause we know
No other's above us
It is so
That we're feeling love

They don't see what I do
But that's okay
Let them talk, let them think
They know us better
We know the truth

Let's keep us simple
Rooting for that honesty
Don't go changing
Except for our disbeliefs

 Run right to me
Lets collide
Let our hearts speak
Dance to the rhythm
And lose our conscious
Just for the moment and
Keep our souls inside

Friday, November 17, 2017

To Nobody

To Nobody

By Shaire Blythe
Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Been carrying this weight
Like a body bag weighing on me
Yeah, I might've changed
Had to put a bullet to the old me

 Unlike before
I address to my accord
Feelings do change
But what stays the same
Must not be ignored

 Keep reminiscing
That something's been missing
Closing the distance
Between what I know and think
Didn't ask no permission
Answering to nobody
Run and tell them that

 I think there's been a mistake
A traitor in the cavalry
Put in a case
Maybe lying isn't what it seems

 Very few have the cure
I'm hungry for more
Just to keep my beliefs

 But I've met them before
They couldn't stay
And I couldn't find the strength to beg not to leave

Crowded spaces
I've never felt them
I walked the other way

 Been trespassing
Since heart mended
But I might stick to my own

Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I can honestly say, my love for writing began with this piece of fiction right here in 2008. I have never felt more passionate about my writing and the story that I felt needed to be shared through this one. I had a couple of lines for over a year, knowing that I wanted to write about a crew. A partial, weak beginning sat there, until Derrion Albert's death. My curiosity for information and facts, as well as my sadness, led me to this video , which allowed me to take off. 

I have done the most research for this one, compared to my other works. I have truly had to empty me of myself and whatnot to draw from stances I have no earthly idea what it feels like to deal with every day. 

This is my baby, that I hope to have finished (again) by the end of the year.

Other bits and pieces (some which no longer exist due to constant editing): here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, & here.


The Dirty


By Shaire Blythe

Spring Break was at its end. The last thing I wanted was for it to be over. That meant Alijandro and I having to go our separate ways--it was inevitable.

While I went to Englewood High, he was across town at some academy aimed towards troubled youth boys wanting to get on the right path. The numbers weren’t high at the school. Only a certain amount were qualified each year to attend under the state program they were established.

Levi went to the same school as Alijandro. Somehow, I knew that Alijandro would be facing him when he went back. I was worried for him. I was going to have to face more than half of SCREET, but all I could think about was what threats were in store for him.

Alijandro would play like he wasn’t as concerned. He had gained most of his strength back and would claim that he was up to challenge anything that came his way. I never talked him down, but allowed him to feed his manly ego for the time being. I knew what he really felt inside, and what type of person he was.

 He was the type of person that had been helping me with all the school work I had no more than a month and a half to get done--if even that long. When I occasionally wanted him to do the work for me, he wouldn’t allow it. He made me write down every answer, every word, as if he wasn’t even by my side. But I wasn’t mad at him. The fact that he was helping meant so much. He had not a bad bone in his body, and if push came to shove with SCREET, he wasn’t going to leap at their throats the same way it had happened to him. He was wiser than that.

His last day at my house was nothing but a carefree day. For the longest, once we had woke up, we had remained in my bed, holding random conversation. We just forgot all the bullshit going on and chilled.

We eventually found ourselves stretched out on the living room couch, flipping through multiple channels, trying to find anything good on to watch. It was once we had gotten to the bottom of the barrel with shows, I came up with the idea to make a sundae for the both of us.

I moaned, feeling the warm chocolate fudge enrich my mouth. “I make the meanest sundaes.” I smiled at him beside me at the kitchen table.

He nodded his head in agreement before scooping an entire spoonful out of the huge ass bowl I had put the sundae in for us to share. “Who messes up a sundae, anyway? It’s simple to make,” he commented after scarfing it down.

“That’s what you think…” I begged to differ.

There came a loud crash from the hallway. Our heads immediately turned to see who it was entering the house like some wild animal.

“Hello! Anyone here?” A gruff voice poorly sung out. My body stiffened. I knew that voice all too well. It was the one voice I had been praying I wouldn’t hear, at least not until Alijandro was gone.

My prayers had almost been successful.

I quickly stood up, my mind not in the right place. I was in this sort of daze that left me numb in dread.

Alijandro stood up next to me and said something, but I was distracted with the sight of Mickey appearing from behind the wall. Alijandro must have felt his presence because he quickly turned around to come face to face with Mickey.

“Who are you?” Mickey was the first to ask. He remained fixed on Alijandro, but I couldn’t find the words to say.

“I was just about to ask the same thing,” Alijandro disgustedly responded, his body taking on a defensive mode. His head turned up at Mickey in front of him.

Mickey did the same, putting himself on Alijandro’s level. “Don’t even try me, nigga.”

“Mickey, leave,” I was quick to speak. I snapped out of it knowing things were getting too heated.
“Ma’s not here. She’s at work and won’t be back until later on tonight. I’ll let her know that you came by.”

He laughed this wicked devious laugh. It was stone-cold. I felt my bones somewhat jerk to the reverberating sound.

 “I’ll wait, sweetheart. Besides, Dianne didn’t give me a key to this house for nothing. This place is just as much as mine as yours.” He began walking off towards the stairs. “I’ll just be hanging out. Don’t mind me at all.”

Mickey gave one last glare towards Alijandro and then tried to slickly lick his lips at me, but it was seen.

“What’s that shit about?” Alijandro questioned, gradually facing me.

 I shook my head and rolled my eyes. “It’s nothing. He’s just an ass.”

“Nothing?” Alijandro nearly shouted at me. “Adrianna, how the hell are you going to say that shit was nothing?” I sat down as he continued on. “I’m not blind. I saw that shit. That nigga wants something from you.” He pointed up in the direction of the stairs.

“Alijandro, it’s nothing,” I attempted to convince again.

I was so mad that Mickey’s ass had to show up and put on a little show with his bastard ass. I didn’t want Alijandro to know of Mickey and I definitely didn’t want Mickey to know of Alijandro.

Mickey wasn’t going to let this go. For all I knew, he was thinking Alijandro and I were dating, and I had something coming for me if him and I were to be alone. I just knew it.

I was already scheming in my head which room to lock myself in next so he wouldn’t be able to get to me.

 Alijandro took in a deep breath, still standing up. “Has he ever touched you?” His voice was more calm than just a minute ago.

His question made me think of all the times he had tried and I’d always found some haven to escape him, and then the times when Randall, had gotten to me and made me feel dirtier than I had ever before.

 “No,” I said. “He hasn’t.”

Alijandro stayed with me until ma came home and until he had seen, with his own two eyes, Mickey leave the house. Alijandro knew, though he didn’t lead me on that he did, nor did he talk anymore about the entire situation. But he knew.

It brought me some type of relief, like a chip was partially removed from my shoulders. Alijandro was like my protector. He wasn’t going to let anything happen to me.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Without An Eraser (Addition #4)

A piece of fiction I started in 2008. It follows the drama of high school students. Still a work in progress, and this is only the second draft in some retrospective, though I never completed the first draft before I began majorly editing again. 

Hopefully I'll get back to this one, after I try to finish up the last 50-60 pages of The Dirty. A break concerning my screenwriting has been long overdue to turn back to focus on my first love and passion--fiction writing. 

Other pieces--since I only post bits and pieces of chapters randomly--can be found here, here, here & here.


Without An Eraser

By Shaire Blythe


 Teagan nearly made it out of Charlotte High in one piece. It hadn’t been the rude or blank stares she was given by the student body, or the occasional comments and questions involving her and the Freshman she had fought yesterday. Teagan had been capable of dealing with all of that. She had expected them. They were nothing.
When the Dean got involved and called Teagan into her office before school was let out, the whole situation changed. It was something.
At first, she couldn’t comprehend how the fight got back to Dean Ballard. No teacher had been there to witness it, only curious students. But then it had hit Teagan: the students were the key. They ran their mouth so much and made the commotion such a massive topic of conversation that it finally reached the ears of all the staff.
No one truly cared about GiGi’s outrageous rant that involved slapping Micah, causing disturbances in two classrooms, and stomping out of the school. The Dean had gotten her out of the way, giving GiGi one day of suspension.
It was shocking to Teagan. The spoiled brat should’ve at least gotten a whole week.
When the verdict was heard that Dean Ballard wasn’t going to do anything about the fight and couldn’t, considering no teachers saw it or had to break it up, Teagan could care less about GiGi’s weak punishment. She was just glad that her ass was saved, and that no phone call could be made to her mom.
Teagan was so relived that she broke down crying as she exited the school building. By the time she was freed from the office, no one had been around to make fun of her or any of that stupid, usual stuff. She ended up running into Micah who she knew would never do such a thing to her, or repeat that he had witnessed her tears.
As a way to calm her down, he suggested that they go somewhere else. They ended up at Five Guys Burgers and Fries.
Micah was all about cheering Teagan up, and she could appreciate that. Her eyes were less puffy and red than before, and no snot ran from her delicate, little nose.

She had stopped crying and was solely focused on devouring the cheeseburger and cajun fries she had ordered, at Micah’s expense. So she wouldn’t feel awkward eating alone, he had ordered a bacon burger and cajun fries as well.
“Thank you, a lot,” Teagan told him, after downing some of her Sprite. It was the first time she had voiced her gratitude towards him. She almost felt it should’ve been done sooner, but getting it out was better than not saying it at all.
The corner of Micah’s mouth reservedly turned up into a slight smile. “It’s nothing,” he guaranteed with a one-shoulder shrug. “I’m just glad my boss cancelled me coming in, so I didn’t have to do it myself. More than likely, if I had called in, he wouldn’t have let me off.”
“I didn’t know you had a job,” she said, interested. “Where do you work?”
“Finish Line up in Pineville. I’m about ten minutes away from it, so it’s not a hassle.”
Teagan nodded her head understandingly. She sat back into the metal chair, timidly holding and rubbing her elbow. Their was a question that laid on the tip of her tongue, but she couldn’t seem to get it out, or figure out a way to word it appropriately.
The matter didn’t even seem okay for right now, but she couldn’t help it. She went on to question, “How did beef start between you and Jesse Mays?”
Micah was in the middle of putting his bacon burger to his lips, but slowly placed it back on the wrapper. She wanted to feel an ounce of bad for bringing up such a certain topic, but she honestly couldn’t. This was something she was dying to know.
“Well,” he started, leaning back in his chair and resting his arm on the table, “I never really knew the kid. I still don’t today, but know more of him than I did in junior high. Then, he was kind of bad too, but it got worse when high school rolled around and it was said that his mom died in the summer.” He carelessly shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not certain if that was true or what. I don’t think anybody knows except for him. But one thing I do know, he’s not the type of guy that lets anyone in. That’s apparent to even a stranger.”
“Anyways,” Micah sighed, continuing on, “Jesse became more of a womanizer in high school. What I know of, he slept with any girl that met whatever standards of his he has. Eva and I began dating at the beginning of my Sophomore year, and her Freshman. I loved her, but I was starting to realize that I did a little too much. I managed good grades and football well my Sophomore year. However, when Junior year came around, I started slipping being with her so damn much. I knew I needed to make some adjustments or my future career of playing in the NFL wouldn’t happen, so I gradually began to cut our time spent together off more and more. Eva couldn’t take it. She was always the type that needed attention and wanted it when she wanted it. I just couldn’t, you know. When Jesse approached her at some party that I wasn’t able to come to with her, she ended up having sex with him. It got recorded by Shawn, one of my friends that graduated last year, and he showed it to me as proof. It was over then,” he finished.
Teagan struggled to look Micah in the face. There was an overload of information swarming through her mind, like bees on a honey nest. If Jesse’s mom had honestly died, why hadn’t he told her when she’d shared with him that her dad had died? And if Jesse Mays was such a huge womanizer, and had slept with as many girls as it sounded like, why did she never get that vibe around him?
Usually, she could tell. She had been onto something trying to play him, but she wasn’t able to because he had showed real affection towards her. He had made everything between them feel honest and deep.
Maybe Teagan could marginally see where Micah and all the rest were coming from with Jesse sounding like a Don Juan, but her being with Jesse had proven all of Micah’s words and everyone else’s wrong. Or was Jesse just that damn good with hiding everything?
As a matter of fact, who was the real Jesse Mays?
“I’m not going to front, Eva cheating did some good. I wasn’t torn anymore. I used to think my future was Eva, but her and Jesse showed me that the game was more promising,” Micah added.
A sudden vibration went through the small square table, as Teagan’s Gravity buzzed on top of it. She glanced at it to see Jesse on the screen. It was no surprise, and by him calling her repeatedly made everything twice as confusing.
Micah shook his head, knowing who it was. He knew the story already, because it had happened more than five times since they’d gotten to the chilled restaurant.
“I wish I could turn it off, but I can’t because of my mom and other people I don’t mind talking to.” Teagan rolled her eyes. The phone continued to vibrate until it sent the call to voicemail. She took note that he hadn’t left one message. Jesse must have not really cared.
The chorus of a Drake hit lowly started off. The tune built progressively, but the volume wasn’t a disturbance to the few surrounding people. From the looks of it, they were too indulged in their own conversations and occupations.
Teagan watched as Micah fumbled inside his graphic hoodie and pulled out his cell phone. He quickly shut the tone off, but placed it right back in the pocket.
“Who was that?” Teagan probed, with nothing else in mind to say.
“It was just Xavier,” he responded. “He probably was wondering where I was at, since we had practice today.”
“You had football practice?” She asked, feeling guilty. Because of her, he hadn’t went.
“Yeah, it’s still going on right now. It probably won’t be over with till way later, but it’s cool. Either way, I had been scheduled to work as well as practice, so I would‘ve missed one of the two. More than likely football practice, ‘cause money is money,” he lightly joked.
Teagan was still a little on edge. What if he got in trouble? She didn’t want that for him.  Micah must’ve seen it on her face because he went on to say, “I’ll be fine.”


 Jesse had no idea what to do with himself anymore. It was fucked up how he wasn’t given the chance to explain himself. He couldn’t even catch Teagan at school. When he had tried to by approaching Chandra in their Theatre Arts class, she wouldn’t give him no leeway.  Apparently, she was pissed at him for ‘playing’ her friend, and she made sure to mention that she had told Teagan everything that had happened yesterday between GiGi and him.
Jesse felt he was innocent this time. He hadn’t fucked around with any other girl, or was playing Teagan at the moment. For the most part, he had meant every word he had spoken to her when they‘d been in the student parking lot.
Or maybe he didn’t. He was perplexed.
This whole situation was something he should’ve been capable of letting go. He had been through this before. Teagan was just a girl. What was special about her?
He shifted on the edge of his bed, rubbing his hands over his face. What did he mean: what was special about her? Teagan wasn’t like all the rest he had messed with. There was something special about her, and only her.
“Fuck, man,” his voice rang out into his forlorn home. The walls echoed back, reminding him of how stuck he was. He needed to get out of here or something. He was gradually driving himself into insanity.
He got to his feet, and as soon as he was close to grabbing his keys off the chester drawer, his phone went off, signaling he had a new message. Jesse’s mind instantly figured it was Teagan. She had to be replying back to him. Finally.
Even if she was telling him to leave her alone, or reading him off, he wouldn’t care. All he desired was for her to say something to him instead of giving him silence. Silence was one thing that killed Jesse.
What he got was the last thing he anticipated. The sender was a number he didn’t have registered in his contacts, and had never seen before.
I thnk theres sumthn u shud c.
Jesse hastily replied. Who the fuck is this?
He sat back on his bed. He could barely think straight. His mind was thrown off track. Who could’ve possibly been messing with him like this?
In mid-thought of running through possible names and why someone would be texting him with that bullshit, another message was received. It was a picture.
He opened it up to see Teagan sitting in some type of restaurant. The background wasn’t very clear, but he could make out that the most of it was red and partially white.
The more he studied the photo, it became clear that the person who had took the picture was on the outside. There was a slight reflection of a street in the glass divider. Someone was spying on Teagan.
The obviousness only lit a flame inside of Jesse. Who the fuck would be following her around like this?
Jesse’s emotions heightened when he noticed another face that he knew too well.
Jesse couldn’t believe he was sitting at the table with Teagan, out in the open, but slightly cut off the side of the picture. So Teagan was running to that guy for comfort?
Another message came in before Jesse could fully lash out. He opened it.
Seems like shes havin no prblm movin on ;).

Jesse ended his piece with a fuck off message and tossed his phone beside him. He was beyond upset that someone was fucking around with him, but he couldn’t lose his head over this. He was determined to talk face to face with Teagan and settle this.


 The lunch the school served could be so sucky sometimes. One day the lunch staff had great creamy chicken to serve with mashed potatoes and fresh green beans. The next day, the staff had fishy ravioli and mushy-looking refried beans that didn’t taste the way refried beans were meant to be like.
It didn’t matter if Teagan had second lunch, first lunch or last. If it was bad food, it was bad whether it was hot, warm or cold--it made no difference to her. The only factor that probably got her through lunch was her friends that she sat with.
It had typically been her, Brooke and Layla that sat together at a dead-centered round table. Just Monday, Chandra had decided to join, and today, Micah and Xavier merged with them as well.
It was weird because Teagan and Micah hadn’t even known they had the same lunch. They had never seen each other in the cafeteria until they both ended up at the condiment bar at the same time. It was just a reminder to Teagan how large Charlotte High’s student body continued to be.
All of them combined brightened up Teagan’s lunch. The table was a lot livelier with such personalities mixed together and talking up at once. They were a wild table, if not the wildest of them all. They were having fun and laughing about any and everything without a single care.
Teagan was intrigued. She had never felt so ‘in with the crowd’ than she was now, and she wasn’t even trying to be.
“Hey, hey! This man be looking like King Kong when he mad,” Xavier joked about Micah over the chaos from their table and all around.
Everyone surrounding the table cracked up in hysterics, except Micah. Teagan hadn’t meant to laugh, but Xavier was hilarious. He was maybe one of the funniest people she had ever known. He could say the simplest things and she couldn’t refrain from cracking a smile.
Micah’s face was solid, unmoved by Xavier‘s teasing. “Forget you, man,” he steadily mumbled with his hands perched against his mouth.
“It’s okay,” Chandra said after getting herself together. Her hand kindly touched Micah’s arm.
Teagan watched as Micah and Chandra snuck underlying smiles to each other. There was something there. The connection was so incredible that Teagan could sense it all the way across from the two. She didn’t think it was so bad.
MJ was an asshole to Chandra, but Chandra being Chandra, stuck with him. Teagan believed her friend deserved better and she wished Chandra would want better for her own being. She could picture Micah being the one for Chandra, and possibly she was exactly the type of girl Micah needed to add to his driven life.
“I’ll be right back,” Teagan announced to anyone who was listening at the table. She had noticed she was out of ketchup and it was necessary to have with the soggy, seasoned fries that were served today alongside chicken clubs.
She left the others and made her way to the condiment bar pushed to the side and out of the path of students. It was such an awkward place.
“Hey, you,” Micah had come up on the side of Teagan, lightly poking her stomach, as she squished the ketchup into a tiny plastic cup.
“What did you come to get?” She questioned him in wonder.
He picked up a ranch packet and briefly flashed it towards her. “The chicken patty is wack without it and I ran out.”
“I guess one would need four hundred ranch packets to eat two sandwiches,” she poked at her friend. She had noticed he had two chicken sandwiches on his tray, with his seasoned fries, and the ones Layla had offered him, as well as a large soft drink. It was just like a boy--always eating a lot more than Teagan’s stomach could handle. “I wonder what Chandra thinks of that…” She slyly threw in.
Micah’s eyes instantly widened in curiosity. Teagan smiled. She knew it. It had been too clear. He liked Chandra.
He turned towards her, shaking his head but breaking out into a grin. “What are you talking about, Teagan? You lost me.”
Micah was just playing it off. Teagan was no fool. She maybe couldn’t figure out her own personal relationships and her problems, but she could decipher anyone else’s from a mile away.
She gently nudged his side, giggling, “You know good and we--”
“Hey, Micah!” A voice all too familiar to Teagan’s ears bellowed out from behind the close pair. They both rotated around. Jesse was marching right in their direction.
Teagan should’ve seen it coming. She should’ve seen the way in which Jesse’s hands were balled in tight fists, how his jaw was clamped shut, and his eyes raged in fury. That was how any mad person looked like. That was how one always could tell that a fight was about to ignite. The signs were forever there.
But there were these multiple intervals where one could either choose to stand up and say something and interfere, or keep quiet; they could just stand there, wanting to see someone fight with another person or, in Teagan’s case, there wasn’t enough time and she didn’t think Jesse would ever hit Micah for no reason.
She didn’t comprehend that Jesse had actually thrown a punch at Micah until Micah almost went diving face first into the metal condiment bar. That’s when it all came crashing down on her shoulders and it was too much to bear.
Micah quickly rebounded from the hard blow. It was like a whirlwind. Next thing Teagan knew, Micah rammed Jesse and forced his back right into an occupied table that scattered on impact. That was when the brawl got every single individual’s attention.
“Stop! Oh, my God, Micah!” Teagan screamed for him to quit. Or did she? She couldn’t hear her own voice. The whole cafeteria was erupting into disorder, but not the same as before. They were egging the fight on. They were shouting ones name, cheering them on, leading a horrific thing.
Teagan kept her presence near, knowing better than to get too close. There was no way she could get one of them off the other. She would get hurt herself.
She kept yelling. They needed to stop. They were going to kill each other. Blood was dripping from one of them already, if not both, staining the tile they scrambled over.
“Yo, stop, man!” Xavier came rushing in the mix of Jesse and Micah, pulling at Micah’s hooded henley, just as he put Jesse in some type of strong hold. “Let the fuck go, Micah!”
Xavier might as well had been invisible. He got paid no mind and didn’t contain enough manpower to break the two up. He was pushed back.
It seemed like a century before multiple teachers finally jumped in, tearing the two away from each other. Micah was the main one that had to be dragged away with force. He wasn’t wanting to give up. He was burning up like some type of fume.
Micah chucked a mass of blood out of his mouth. “Fuck you, you pussy bitch!” He shouted at Jesse who was willingly being escorted the opposite way by one teacher. Teagan caught a slight stagger in his step as if he was injured. Her heart sunk. “You pulled a punk ass move, Jesse,” were Micah’s last words. Just like that, they both were pulled out of the cafeteria.
Teagan was crying and she hadn’t detected the fact until this moment--the moment where everyone was speaking loudly of what they all had witnessed. It was still unreal to her.  Surely, that hadn’t just happened. Jesse Mays and Micah Carter hadn’t just fought, had they? There was no way…


What Adele had just perceived between Jesse and Micah was insane. Her and GiGi had witnessed the whole thing no more than twenty feet away, by standing on top of their table.
So many others had done the same thing in order to see what was going on. It had been crazy. It was a surprise no one else had gotten harmed by simply trying to view the conflict. This was going to spread like wildfire. It would be the talk of the school.
“GiGi, what the hell just happened?” Adele asked her, still in disbelief. The fight had came out of nowhere. Jesse didn’t even have this lunch. He shouldn’t have been in here.
Adele grasped the fact that GiGi was behind it. She could see the devious sparkle in her eyes and the way the corner of her lips turned up in satisfaction. GiGi was the mastermind.
Adele didn’t know whether to appreciate her part in it, or be upset at the fact that Jesse had been limping away, apparently hurt.
The excitement lingered in the cafeteria even though Micah and Jesse had been escorted out. Roars, laughs and amazement filled the place, swallowing all who was inside whole. Remaining staff members attempted to get all under control, but it was useless.
GiGi perched herself down on the bench and leaned back on the tabletop. Her happiness was unmoving. Adele could tell she was loving every second.
“Remember how I said I would help you that night?” At last, GiGi had said something to Adele. It had took her all damn day.
“Yes, I remember GiGi, bu--”
“This will help,” she cut Adele’s words right off. She raised her hand, studying her perfectly manicured fingernails. “I told you to trust me. I told you it wouldn’t be easy, and this couldn’t have gone any better, though I had more up my sleeves…”
Adele‘s hands shifted to her hips. “You think this will help me win Jesse back?”
“I don’t think. I know.”
“And what about Micah, huh?” Adele stepped closer to GiGi. “You aren’t the least disturbed at the fact that he got injured and blood’s dripping from him?”
She scoffed as if the very thought was disgusting. “My Micah days are over. I don’t know what I ever saw in him to begin with.”
Adele couldn’t wrap her head around the very words that had escaped GiGi’s mouth. She had never imagined a day like this would come, but it was none of her concern. She just hoped Jesse would be okay.


The teachers were out of their minds to put Micah right beside Jesse as they waited to go into the Principal’s Office. It was the stupidest thing Micah couldn’t begin to try to understand.
He hated Jesse. He knew his Nana always told him to not hate another, but he couldn’t help it. He hated Jesse Mays more than any person in the world, and he couldn’t pretend as if he didn’t.
The two went back and forth arguing and yelling at each other--one empty chair in between them--but neither ever raising a fist to embark another physical encounter. Micah wasn’t that brainless. He knew better. He was in enough shit for hitting Jesse back in the cafeteria and struggling against teachers when being commanded to stop.
But his words, those couldn’t be stopped and he wouldn’t as long as Jesse kept it up like he was.
“What the hell were you with her for then?” Jesse questioned Micah about some type of picture that he had no idea about. “It was clear as day that you were with Teagan.”
“I was being her friend after what you fucking got her into. All of it’s your fault. You tried to play her, like you do every girl you come into contact with,” Micah responded, his voice raising with every word. He was beyond heated. Blood was still filling the inside of his mouth from where his lip busted. This was bullshit.
Jesse shook his head and fanned Micah off. “I’m not even trying to hear that shit. You’re just mad about what happened between me and Eva years ago.”
“You’re wack. Nobody’s even fronting about that old shit. This is about your own personal problems. You need to check that shit before things get ugly again.”
“Hey, that’s enough!” The secretary finally spoke up.
Micah had forgotten she was present. She was more than likely listening to the whole thing in interest. He had heard that GiGi had bribed her with money to give her his schedule that one day. He shook his head. It was unbelievable. Everything was.
Mrs. Gilradi’s door opened and the teachers that had broken Jesse and Micah up came walking out. They had given their reports first. Now, it was the boy’s turns.
“Micah Carter and Jesse Mays,” Mrs. Gilradi’s unusually deep voice called out to them. They both gradually pulled themselves up.
Micah fell behind Jesse’s uneven step, and couldn’t refrain from quietly chuckling in the back of his throat. He was glad to know he had caused some damage an it was evident.
The only thing Jesse had on Micah was his bleeding lip from the first blow he had took to Micah’s face. A bruise was probably going to form in the spot, and his face would start to swell, but that was all.
Jesse had gotten some hits into Micah’s ribs, but they were nothing compared to being slammed by two-hundred pound plus players on the football field.
Mrs. Gilradi’s office seemed cramped to Micah. He might’ve been short, but he was wide. To sit down, he had to pull the chair a good distance away from the rich desk and ease down into the cushion.
The face that pored across from him and Jesse was one that could’ve scared Micah shitless. Mrs. Gilradi looked beyond pissed. He had never seen her this way.
His eyes carefully cut over at Jesse. He appeared as uncomfortable and scared as him. Micah was content to know that he wasn’t tripping, nor the only one that felt as if Mrs. Gilradi was going to blow up on them in a second.
She was being all dramatic, tapping her fingers against her constricted lips, switching her somber sight from Micah to Jesse over and over again. Micah would’ve rather seen Dean Ballard, but she wasn’t here.
“Is he in there?” Someone asked outside the door. They didn’t sound too happy. Micah thought Mrs. Gilradi would’ve closed the door or would’ve asked him to when he had walked in, but she allowed it to be wide open.
A person came rushing in behind Micah. All heads turned, but then Micah quickly wished he hadn’t. He faced the other way without a second thought mumbling, “Shit.” He was dead. It was Coach Woolbright.
“I can’t believe this,” were the first words that came from Woolbright. Micah sunk in his seat. Damn it, he was screwed. “I just cannot believe this,” he repeated. Micah heard the door close, but didn’t dare to look at Woolbright. His head hung low towards the carpet. “First, you skipped practice yesterday, and now you get into a fight, Micah? I am so disappointed.” Micah could just feel Woolbright’s eyes heavily glowering down on his head in frustration.
“I’ve contacted both of you boy’s guardians,” Mrs. Gilradi went on to explain. “Micah, your grandmother will be here to get you soon, and Jesse, you will have to leave school premises as well. You both have ten days suspension. If either of you are spotted around Charlotte High during that time, you will be forced to leave and further actions will be taken along with your ten days. Am I clear?”
“Yes, ma’am,” Micah and Jesse mumbled in sync with one another.
“Micah, that means you cannot play this Friday or next Friday,” Woolbright threw in.
Micah’s stomach dropped. All because of this stupid fight--that he didn’t even start--he was going to have to miss two games? It was unfair. He couldn’t believe this shit. Jesse might as well have fucked up his entire life.
“You both will need to leave immediately and not return until the Wednesday after next,” Mrs. Gilradi commanded.
Micah wasted no time getting up and walking out of that office. He was slowly going nuts in his head. He was going to earn ten fucking zeros for all seven of his classes, for all ten days. That was seventy zeros. Might as well say that he was going to fail his Senior year. His grades were going to be jacked up when he returned.
He went to his locker and grabbed his knapsack that had his practice clothes and other crap in it. Once he’d gotten that, he walked out of Charlotte High like it was an everyday thing. He waited on one of the green benches for his Nana to show. She was going to kick his ass.
Nana wasn’t fond of this type of stuff. She didn’t favor fighting or condone any acts of violence. She was a peaceful woman--she would say. Micah would sometimes get the opposite feeling, especially at a time like this one.
He could already see her irate glare through the tinted windshield as she pulled up to the curb. He knew what was coming before he slid into the passenger seat.
“What the hell happened, Micah Payton Carter?” Nana sternly demanded to know. Micah stared in front of him at the teacher’s parked cars. “Micah Payton, if you don’t look at me when I’m talking to you.” He gave his Nana his attention, but still cowered in fear. He didn’t care what she thought, she was no where damn peaceful. She was a vehement behemoth.
“I’m sorry,” he murmured, not knowing what else to say.
“Lord, that was not what I just asked you, child. I know you’re sorry. Everyone’s sorry when things like this happen, boy. I’m even sorry. I’m sorry that my grandson had to act a fool at school and show all his classmates and teachers how he has no home training. Which you do, but they don’t know that. They didn’t see that when you were up there fighting and carrying on with some other little boy.”
Micah kept his mouth shut. What was he suppose to say to that?
Nana sighed, shaking her head. “I blame Cassidy. Your mama needs to be here instead of Lord knows where…”
He said nothing as Nana pulled off and left the school premises. Saying something would’ve led to more junk that he didn’t want to have to deal with.


Jesse was right back to where he had started, if not on worse grounds. Once again, he was at home alone and couldn’t help but think of what shit he’d gotten himself into.
He hadn’t meant to go up to Micah and punch his face. He’d honestly planned to go into second lunch, find Teagan and talk about the whole situation. But when he’d seen Micah and Teagan so close to each other at the condiment bar, he lost it. He remembered that picture of them together and he lost it.
Micah was trying to steal his girl. That was what Jesse truly felt. That’s why he had punched the punk in his mouth.
But here he was, in his bedroom, an ice pack on his back from where Micah had rammed him into the table, and he was still without Teagan.
He grabbed his phone and dialed her number for the millionth time this week. It rung and rung like always.
“C’mon, Teagan, just pick up the damn phone,” he pleaded to himself. He had to talk to her. It was killing him that she wouldn’t let him tell his story. And now, he needed to apologize.
Just when he was sure the voicemail thing was going to pick up the call, it turned over.
“Don’t call me anymore,” Teagan’s voice trembled from the other line. Jesse was almost in shock. Words seemed lost now. “We’re done. What you pulled today with Micah made me more sure of that. So goodbye, Jesse.” And then there was that awful dial tone noise.
Jesse clicked off, pulling the phone from his ear. He wasn’t thinking when he threw his phone across the room and it struck the wall, but didn’t shatter.
Tears threatened to fall from his eyes, but he wouldn’t allow them. Jesse Mays didn’t go crying over no girl. He didn’t go crying over nothing anymore.
His phone rung. His heart leapt with a smidgen of hope. He quickly went over and answered the call.
“Teagan, please--” He began, but was cut short.
“Wow.” It was Adele’s voice. “No, this is Adele. Have you forgotten about me already, ‘cause I was thinking that you could swing by and I could cheer you up?”
Jesse’s heart and head beat with anger. Adele was the last person he wanted to be talking to right now. “Leave me alone,” he demanded through clenched teeth and hung up. He fell onto his bed and simply laid there.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Trip Feelings

Trip Feelings

By Shaire Blythe
Saturday, October 14, 2017

Let me feel you
Let me be near you
Let me breathe you
Let me convince you
Time's been wasted
Triple times two
With you, I can't ignore

You are too faded
Going to places
That I cannot reach

 I'll meet you in spaces
Without your leverage
And still go deep
Into the unknown

Tell me we're not like before
This time we're much much more
Innocence before regret
I think we'll live until the end

Cannot find mad in our storm
Moving past our surfaces
This new love isn't torn
We're just mending damages

What we care to see
What we don't believe
But deal with them
Demons we do adore
What we're searching for
Not rooted in reality

Won't you say we can
Surpass the trip of lies
Get right to it
Rockaway to lullabies
And close our eyes
Until the end

Wednesday, November 8, 2017



By Shaire Blythe
Monday, October 16, 2107

Rose of gold
Dipped in red
That's what we share

No heart of stone
No pretend
We're worth being

Bigger than us
Greater than lust
In love we trust

So we dive
Into the waters that await us
We dive
Till no one can save us
We'll fight
Waves that try to break us
So we dive
We dive

 We bow at the throne
On our kingdom ish
Got our souls on hold

 Not caring 'bout
That mean greed
We just wanna get lost

Lost in our dreams
Lost in our realities
Nothing's what it seems
But we must be

So we dive
Into the waters that await us
We dive
Till no one can save us
We'll fight
Waves that try to break us
So we dive
We dive

Into what we've missed
When the devil's knocking at our door
Into what sheds the layers to our cores

 We'll come washed upon the shores
Plenty of times more
But we'll go out again
And dive

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

They Went For A Ride

They Went For A Ride

By Shaire Blythe
February 12, 2016

My character was hijacked, and I let it happen.
She was strutting along the side of dark roads, straying from her home, when a black top-notch car pulled up, curbside.
A guy rolled down his window, sweetly asking if she needed a ride.
She refused at first, and kept on, her high heels clicking on the pavement.
But he was persistent.
For the first time, she stopped and took a good look at the guy.
Charmed were his eyes and even the manner in which his words trickled from his lips.
Night owls hooted in the autumn trees rustling behind her.
She briefly glanced over her shoulder, chewing at the corner of her mouth.
With her heart knocking against her ribcage, she joined him in the car.

It took her some time to ease back into the leather seat, but his words progressively became comforting.
Every word he said, she clung to, as if they were the very last ones she would ever hear.
His gestures matched, with no hesitations, gracefully maneuvering through the space.
The duration of the ride seemed timeless.
Both lost track, with no destination in mind.
But wherever they ended up, they decided to go together.

She noted when his foot started to ease off the gas petal.
She didn't speak up to cause tension, 'cause the ride was not supposed to end. 
Not yet.
His presence continued to create shy smiles on her face, and he expressed that hers did the same.
When she began to fiddle with her fingers in her lap, he said all was okay.
But she felt the change in the air, regardless of his gentle words and occasional caresses of her face.

His speed slowed some more.
She reached for the door and pulled the handle, but not without him noticing.
He told her to go if she must. He would be okay.
But she saw the water brimming on the edges of his eyes.
She let the handle go, stroking his hand on the wheel.

He continued to drive slow into the everlasting night.
He was not picking up speed.
She chewed on her bottom lip, tasting metallic.
His sight bounced from the cracked sidewalks to the erect buildings that they approached, through the fogged windshield that had once been crystal clear.
For miles, he didn't speak to her.

Her hand gradually fell from his steering the wheel.
He didn't budge.
He kept driving, looking ahead.

She remained next to him, in the passenger seat, for quite some time, unable to find the courage to jump out of a slow moving car. 
She was stuck, remembering how fast and fearlessly they had taken off together.
But not anymore.

I watched my character straighten up in the seat and undo her clammy hands, remembering who she was and what she deserved--a worth that the guy had once seen, but forgot, or simply didn't care for anymore.
Words were no longer enough.
Actions spoke much louder in the confinements of their shared space.
She was dying and he was watching her wither right in front of him, and he wasn't trying to save my character.

So I took it back.

She reached for the handle again and opened the door.
She didn't look to see what he was doing behind his steering wheel.
She leapt out and hit the asphalt rolling, but made no sound of discomfort.
The car was heard, trudging on down the road.
My character pushed herself off the ground, tiny rocks in her palms and knees, and not fully unscathed from cuts and bruises.
Her breath was ragged, trying to find stabilization, but she was only thankful to be able to know that she could still breathe standing on her own.

She glanced up at the road, watching the back headlights become dimmer.
Maybe one day the car would return to the streets she walked upon, or maybe it wouldn't.
Either way, my character could no longer wait for him in his passenger side.

She removed her high heels, dangling them in her light grasp.
She strolled in the middle of the road, staring ahead into midnight's hour.
At some time, the sun would rise.