Sunday, April 22, 2018

We Do What We Do

We Do What We Do

By Shaire Blythe
April, Friday 20, 2018

Smoke that,
Ima fall back
You do what you do

Taking my time
Sipping just fine
Where did the time go?

Feel the rush 
Like it’s only us
I forgot its been that long

Stuck in my ways
What I had found
Don’t knock my high

But I had to change
You came with haze
And I couldn’t be still

I cannot lie
I loved the nights
And I wanted more times

To let myself go
To free up my mind 
To lose self control 
To commit my crime 

Hold me
Ima let you
But don’t tell a soul 

Real chills
No origins
I’ll just go with them 

They needed release
Your haven’s safe space 
Don’t deny

Keeping it real
In your own way
You feel the same 

I did regret
Letting you slip
But we’re back again

We had to change 
Go through a phase
Meet another end

I will not lie
I loved the nights
Waiting for the next times

To let myself go
To free up my mind 
To lose self control 
To commit my crime

Maybe we will
Maybe we won’t
We just don’t know

If there is a will
There is a way
Save for another day

I just want ya

To let myself go
To free up my mind 
To lose self control 
To commit my crime

Saturday, April 14, 2018

What They've Done

Old Poem of Witness I had to do for a writing class.

September 12, 2014
By Shaire Blythe

Hear the scream and cries of no lullabies.
Those are not bullets of blood, they are soaked
from head to toe, all for every nation to see.
“Look what they’ve done to me.”
These are precious hands cradling their mothers
and fathers, sister and brothers, aunts and uncles.
Where does the madness end? And that girl right
there, that was Zada’s friend, but she wasn’t so lucky,
bouncing her plastic ball near that street corner.
That western rocket came straight from the amber skies,
exploding into pockets of hell’s flames.
This surely is hell.
There wasn’t even a chance, was there--born into a
foreign world that would define death? Yoseph has
stayed under his bed for days. He hasn’t come out all
because of what they’ve done--
fed war.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Cheated You Of A True Love

Cheated You Of A True Love

By Shaire Blythe 
Monday, April 9, 2018

I can see me
Choking on the smoke you breathe in
I sure feel it
The bruises you handmade
Why did you deceive me?

I get what you are missing
I loved the love we felt when 
I thought that I needed you

But that was some stupidness

I know you feel that hole in your chest
I know she didn't love like I did
And I'm not being conceited, or even glad you tuned in too late
It's sad that you cheated
You of a true love

Oh no I didn't 
See you left me kind of mixed up
True love can't be what you've dished, man 
I'll say we make up what me make up

Who am I to blame?
I blamed me about a million times
Questioning myself, 
Really I was left with the broken heart

Took me bout a minute 
You truly didn't get it
I was out here schooling

But that was some stupidness

I know you feel that hole in your chest
I know she didn't love like I did
And I'm not being conceited, or even glad you tuned in too late
It's sad that you cheated
You of a true love

I'm not punishing 
That's not what I'm on
Guess you've learned that karma 
That's what I call that hands off

Keep on living your life
Stop trying to interrupt mine 
I put up a good fight
Years gone by, out of mind, out of sight 

Guess it's not working for you
I tried all that I could do
I'm not lowering myself to you
After all that I've made it through

You had to be on that stupidness 

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Remember Us

Remember Us

By Shaire Blythe
October 21, 2017

Is this how'd you say
Out fates predetermined
I'm not feeling the same
Pass me what I can't take

Losing ourselves in the end
You just might reprimand me
For being who I want to be

I hope we can remain friends
But I know how story goes
Friends won't do for you

If this is our last night together
I'll give you the world till you feel better
About us
And love
The type only I can give
If you ever feel you're messed up
And that you don't deserve better
Remember us

Explore the ground you've abandoned
Take that step you were afraid of

Don't hold back
I don't want you to ever run from what you dream of

You know I'll be okay
Bruises aren't a thing to me anymore

Let's not pretend
We've gone so far without the bullshit
Let's not start now
Let's not make this complicated

Don't dive off the deep end
Carry on
I know the world can be cruel
But to me
You're as beautiful as they come

Remember us
Remember the shades of love 

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Dirty Road

Dirty Road

By Shaire Blythe
January 26, 2018

I think I lost me
Trying to find me
Not thinking bout losing
I just wanna get stupid

Forget my reputation
Hold my ambitions
Need your entertainment
Show me what I've been missing

For tonight there'll be no costs
Drink tonight, I'll pray tomorrow
For my broken soul
My way back home
For tonight it's a dirty road

I think I lost me
In your eyes
Perfect timing
I was losing my mind

How long ago
I took some stones 
I took them well
See I've abandoned hope 
I let go
So whatchu want
I'm your jezebel

Light to darkness
I was learning
Living is hopeless
To you, I bow 

For tonight there'll be no costs
Drink tonight, I'll pray tomorrow
For my broken soul
My way back home
For tonight it's a dirty road

Know that I should know better
Know the longer that we're together
Will drown myself in fire
For feeding my mind's desire
I'll have no one else to blame
But I could do it anyway

For tonight there'll be no costs
Drink tonight, I'll pray tomorrow
For my broken soul
My way back home
For tonight it's a dirty road

Thursday, January 18, 2018



By Shaire Blythe
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Give me a fix
Take it easy on me right now

 A beautiful bliss
Soon as the sun goes down

 Heat is rising
Time is getting close
We are young
So I can't say no

 Lets no be found
Shut our pride down

 And surrender
For life
See the thunder in our eyes
There's nothing wrong with
Knowing we're not quite right
So we surrender for life

 Vapors got a hold
Don't desert me right now

 I just need you close
I swear that I won't choke out

Bring me higher
I just can't sit still
Won't deny ya
Cause this is real

 Head in the clouds
I can see your crown

Come share the love of what
We know together
Choice of our drug
Make it last forever
Be the party
And go till they say stop

 Enhance what's our vision
Explore the parts we've been missing
And give it all we got

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Slow Down

Slow Down

By Shaire Blythe
October 25, 2017

You say you wanna take me down
Well I ain't giving in right now

Too much shit on my mind
Show yourself out
Let me be to myself

Yes, I gave you one good reason to stay
What does it mean if it's all you will claim?

Not necessary, no
You're a bit unnecessary now
In a hurry
Need to slow it down

Cause you're not necessary
Got another at the front door
Wanna say what is necessary
I deserve much more than what you give

You just take, take and deplete
And it's not necessary
So unnecessary

Friday, January 5, 2018



By Shaire Blythe
January 9, 2016

Faded, I knew this too
If we could've made it, where would we be?

Painted beautiful pictures
I sat and watched you
You invited me in
Don't take it wrong when I say I didn't want to

Cause that was the beginning
You opened me up
Made me feel human
You showed me a love

Didn't feel the air shifting until we reached the end
I grasped on to all the words spoken
Can you remember them, cause I do
Can't make much sense of how they got tossed
But I'll share them with you, and see my way out

Focused, through and through
And I was hoping you would be the same too, just a dream

Perfect melodies written
Did you truly listen to me?
I welcomed you in
Don't take it wrong when I say I didn't want to

Cause that was the beginning
New, wild and free
Who knew someone could do this to me

No change, okay
We were both facing the same way, but our words couldn't seem to reach each other

Like we were on two different universes
I stayed and tried to fix things
But what's the point in fixing what was meant to be broken
But I was hoping...

Take it back to beginning
The Sparks were never ending

Monday, January 1, 2018

Angels Fall

I knew I wanted to bring in the new year--which, technically it is a new year, but I like to just refer to it as a continuation of living, growing and learning--some way special, and writing was ultimately decided on when I got some alone time. I have been writing nearly every day, working on THE DIRTY, which will no doubt--and with the Lord's will--be finished this year (preferably by summer) and start the process of finding an editor, probably (maybe) seek a representative, and on to publishing and so, so on. With that being said, I was just going to post a little snippet of some of what I have been tweaking, but then thought of this short piece I had started over a year ago, and had abandoned due to a certain reason.

For one, if you have been following my blog, I have been taking my faith more serious than beforehand. I read the Bible and began approaching things differently and whatnot. I like to believe I took a strong message from the stories read. In all honesty, it was me growing closer to God that sparked this piece in the first place. I pondered upon my weaknesses, I thought of things I was encountering over and over with other people. However, also taking my faith more seriously also prompted me to stop writing this piece.

It is a struggle to hold your faith and have to be a part of this world on the daily. Every one has their weaknesses. Every one deals with them differently. I have adopted to being pretty blunt--see no certain boundaries that society might have drawn up on their own, for a perfect nonexistent world. Part of how I am stems from being exposed to my own, personal form of hell pretty young, and not caring anymore about extra bull. And the other part has stemmed from outside factors that simply led to the same conclusion: I have lost the ounce to care to censor myself anymore.  So having that sort of mindset as part of your DNA, along with becoming closer to God has had its clashes.

This piece comes from my more "out there" side. It is meant to be funny as well. If you are easily offended, don't read. This is your warning. (I held back  just a bit, though, cause I did not feel this piece had to go graphic to get across what I wanted). But I like to find a balance between who I am, and who God knows I truly am, and just keep my writings as bare and honest as I want them to be, and as truthful as I know being of faith can be for some believers. It is not always easy or effortless. It can be a struggle some days, and I do not want to pretend as if that is not the case. That was one thing that always pulled me from religion: that perfect image some create. But if history has taught us anything, we should know better.

So I decided to finish this. Enjoy.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016-Monday, January 1, 2018

Angels Fall
By Shaire Blythe

Thighs. Thick thighs. Rounded like the greatest gift man could’ve asked for. In between, the creases of the jeans just melted, as if the manufactured denim made up their skin.

 Breasts. Breasts as catastrophic as the nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But a good catastrophic, of course. The breasts could do damage, damn it. I’m talking in your face, plushy-goodness damage. Like not enough hands to hold them damage.

 Ass. Asses galore. Wiggly. Fat. Round. Everything, round.

 “Shit,” I said, my teeth scraping together. Feeling the tightness near my crotch, the indistinct chatter of others began to seep through my one-tracked psyche. I was brought back to the realization that I was sitting on the outside of the university’s main cafeteria.

 My phone buzzed beside me on the curved booth. I didn’t bother to look at the screen. I sulked into the booth, closing my eyes. Cats. Dead cats. I pictured them piled on top of one another, multiplying, their pink little tongues hanging out of their mouths. Anything to get my shit down.

 “Yo, Rowen, dude!”

 I quickly leaned forward, opening my eyes. The tightness of my crotch became more constricted. “Tanner,” I said, gritting my teeth into a half-smile. I crossed my arms near the caps of my knees.

 “I’ve been trying to reach you, man. Texted you like fifty-million times,” Tanner said, coming to a stop in front of me. He was like a skyscraper, skinny and erect. He looked just as glassy as most, appearing fragile and see-through. Anyone who knew him was aware that he wasn’t the hold-hands-and-share-our-feelings sort of guy, no matter how much he looked like it. He was the yell-into-the-camera-at-football-games, a beer or two in his hands, thrashing his head back and forth to Russ or Thirty Seconds To Mars—it depended on the day—type of guy.

 “My bad, man,” I said.

 “What are you doing?”


 “Fuck it. You’re not doing anything now,” Tanner cut me off. He fanned his hand up from his side.
“Come to the fields with me. Me and some of the guys were going to play some rounds.”

 I nearly reached up to run my hand across my face, but stopped myself, remembering I was sort of stuck in a predicament. “I wish I could, you know, but I was about to head back to my place. I’ve got a lot of shit to work on.”

 Tanner’s eyes scanned the booth, from one side to the other, an eyebrow raised. “Doesn’t look like you were leaving to me.” A dry, nervous laugh escaped me. He had me there. "You know what, bro?" he said. "It's cool. I have other important shit to some times do too." He double winked. "Later." As fast as Tanner had came, he was blending into the crowd. Gone.


Asses clogged my mind again. Really, really huge ones. Like silicone injected ones. They were up close and personal. One after the other, after the other on my Dell laptop. And I was busting--legit busting--one hand on my shaft, and the other rapidly minimizing the volume of female moans that had steadily climbed throughout the streamed compilation.

 I took a in a breath, letting it out only once my lungs began to strain for expansion. I stared down at the mess I had made. The bottom of my stomach seemed to toss itself around like a dysfunctional merry-go-round, and my heart beat with less zeal than before I had switched my laptop on to search 'Big Ass Compilation'.

 "Fuck," I said. I slammed the laptop shut, scooting out from my desk.

 In my bathroom, I cleaned myself up, dread weighing me down the entire time. I couldn't stop thinking that I had done it again. I wasn't strong enough. I would never be strong enough.

 Upon returning to my bedroom, I got down to my knees, looking up at the cross above my bed, that I had purposefully dashed past since arriving at my college suite. Just one look at the wooden figurine my mom had positioned on my wall three months ago, and I would have never went through with my greatest temptation.

 "Dear God," I began, hands clasped together. "Please forgive me for falling for my ultimate weakness. I have failed you, and for that, I'm truly, sincerely and deeply sorry. We both know I made it two weeks without giving in. For two weeks, I had been strong. I was really, really trying to do better. You know this. But, I mean... It's better than the real thing... Right? I could be having premarital sex with about ten different girls each week, but you don't see me doing that." I faintly chuckled under my breath, thinking of  how worse I really could be.

 "I mean," I continued, "don't get me wrong. We both know I've done my dirt, but I've been getting better, slowly but surely. Wouldn't you agree?" I cleared my throat, clearly getting off track and antsy to close the prayer. "Anyway, again, forgive me. Amen."

 I got back to my feet. The wooly carpet left red indentations in my bare knees. As diseased-looking as the marks appeared, I felt brand new. The sun shined just a bit brighter through my blinds, and I could hear the birds tweeting outside, somewhere nearby. I had done just what I needed to do.

 But as prompt as my new world had begun, it suddenly went stale with the sounds of a female moan through Lorenzo's, my roommate, neighboring wall. Banging started, shaking the cross on my wall to the very same rhythm of his movements.

 "You've got to be fucking kidding."